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POS System Leasing - Who Owns It

A POS lease is a contract conveying the POS system to you for a specific period of time in consideration of rent. The POS System is owned by the lessor and you make payments to the POS leasing company. It may be financed by a subsidiary of the vendor, manufacturer or a finance company that specializes in POS leasing. Reasons to lease POS - Reasons to buy POS

POS System Lease vs Buy

To determine whether a POS system lease is in your best interests, you need to know the outright purchase price of the POS equipment you're leasing. Determine what it will cost you to borrow that amount. But before you compare the loan costs against the POS lease, strip the monthly maintenance fee out of the monthly POS lease payment. Monthly maintenance fees are usually included in most POS lease payments. Finally, know the business tax effect. Business expenses are applied differently when buying vs leasing a POS system.

We represent all major POS brands and network with all POS market leaders. If you're looking to leasing a new POS system, we're here to help you get your best POS system lease price! Start here...

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Compare POS System Lease Prices

Describe your point of sales system need below and we will quickly match you with 3-4 POS companies in your business area. We will provide you with POS system dealer addresses, phone numbers, websites and more. You will quickly be contacted by top POS system dealers, POS system leasing vendors ready to provide you with free POS system lease quotes. Our service is 100% free! There are no obligations what-so-ever to lease a POS system or to do business with any POS system dealer in our network.

Reasons to Lease POS

  • Your business is short on cash or you want to conserve cash
  • Sometimes the interest rate used to calculate the POS lease payment is lower than you would pay for a loan, because the manufacturer is trying to encourage POS equipment leasing
  • You may be able to get “more POS” than you could afford to buy
  • You don't have to be bothered with selling the POS equipment when you're done with it; the lessor takes it back and is responsible for it
  • When leasing a POS system, you pay only for the period of time you expect to use it. Since you're only paying for a part of the life of the asset, payments may be lower than they would be for a loan
  • Most leases are structured so the entire payment is an immediate business deductible expense. If you purchase the POS, you have to capitalize and depreciate the asset, which may mean a slower recovery of your costs
  • If a lease is operating, no liability normally needs to be recorded for the future payments due, and you don't have to pay all the cash up front, which tends to improve your ratios of assets to liabilities
  • Most POS system leases include maintenance and other services in a single price

Reasons to Buy POS

  • You may be able to use the POS considerably longer if you bought it. You could save considerable money over the entire life cycle of the POS
  • You can expense the entire cost of the POS in one year.
  • You have the cash, and the short term leasing tax advantage, may not be important to you
  • Sometimes the interest rate used for the lease is much higher than you would pay on a loan
  • Under a POS equipment lease, getting a “lemon” (frequent downtime, repeated breakdown) replaced may mean having to breaking your POS lease